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Is working from home the future?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

If there's one thing the quarantine has taught us its that for many office workers the sofa is the new office now.

The new norm.

Scientists and governments are saying it may be years rather than months before life can return to anything like it was before. Between now and then employers will need to form a new working relationship with their workforce to keep productivity at a decent level.

So is working from home the new normal for office workers? Its certainly true that for the near future traveling from the kitchen to the sofa could be the new commute post breakfast that we have to contend with. Indeed some of us might ignore the kitchen and sofa altogether and opt to set up shop in bed.

Is this bad for employers? Not necessarily if the work gets done and its true that even before the Coronavirus epidemic many people had begun to operate flexible working hours with their employers.

This can add to the quality of life and happiness for the workforce and help with retaining and acquiring staff for the employer. The added freedom allows workers to do certain things at home - a clothes wash or a visit from a plumber to fix the boiler, things that were impossible when tied to a desk in an office 40 miles from their home town. Removing the commute also adds to peoples wellbeing as most commuters would agree cancelled trains, busses and overcrowded transport can only add to the stress of a days work.

Technology also allows us to more easily communicate with fellow employees - if Zoom wasnt well know before March it is now. Other platforms such as Slack and Asana allow staff to communicate easily, interact with schedules, share files and images and deliver work.

If there is one thing that the Coronavirus quarantine has taught us is that for many office workers, working from home can be as productive as working in the office and for sure in the future companies are more inclined to be more flexible with where their employees produce their work.

One aspect that companies will have to be mindful of is keeping their staff up to speed with new training. Its fair to say that any kind of successful business is in permanent flux - systems change, new practices are taken on, new software is implemented and even staff protocol changes. This is where companies need a successful program of training and learning and one of the most notable methods for knowledge retention is video instruction. Indeed we at Presto Learn have created many hours of video for a wide range of clients and topics with a proven success rate.

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